Owning a web site is a must for all modern companies. However, a well designed one gives competitive advantage. With this in mind, we develop your website so that it is in line with international best practices. Besides, we offer search engine optimization (SEO) so as to boost your web presence and visibility.

If needs be, we mirror your website using international hosting.

A to Z Design & Implementation

We rely on an extensive database of templates that will definitely meet your desired web site outlook. Graphic design tasks are entrusted to Gung Ho, a specialist in advertising and communication.

Web Design & Development

HTML5 & Responsive design

In today’s world, information is accessible everywhere, every time via every device (BOYD - Bring you own device concept + whatever device being used). All our websites are designed with the “responsive design” option embedded therein. This allow every user to have a comprehensive experience on whether device being used.



Your point of contact is in Mauritius.

Part of our infrastructure at AWS is dedicated to web hosting. Our team of professional include both web designers, qualified technicians and web content administrators.

Moreover, we have a competitive edge for websites predominantly dedicated to the local community or having a legal requirement to be physically hosted in Mauritius. We can propose solutions to host in Mauritius

Content Management

We provide a team of dedicated staff to ensure that your web pages are up-to-date.



Our team of professional includes web designers, qualified technicians and web content administrators / operators.

We accompany you along the whole process of creating and implementing your web project.

Part of our infrastructure at Emtel’s data centre is dedicated to Mauritius based web hosting and ancillary services.

We also leverage on a network of external consultants to offer tailor made services to fulfil your web development needs.

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Website design, development and hosting

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